Winter Yacht Storage

Inside Heated Boat Storage

Skyway Yacht Works has one of the only inside heated boat storage sheds with radiant heat in the floor. That means no dust from fans blowing heat around. We keep the floor at 53 degrees and that means if you wash your boat in the morning the floor is dry when you leave in the afternoon. Indoor amenities include water, electric, compressed air (with reservation), restroom facilities, tool rental, and draping upon request. A cradle is required for sailboats, but if you don't have one, we also rent cradles.

Outside Boat Storage

Our outside yard is complete with water, and electric every 75 feet, so that means the furthest point you will be from utilities is around 40 feet, so bring your 100’ extension cord and hose and you will have enough to clean and electrocute yourself. Storage includes haul out and launch, power washing, as well as your jack stands and blocking. If you have a cradle all the better. 

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