Mechanical Department


As a certified Yanmar dealer, we are fully trained on these nearly indestructible engines. They are so well engineered that most of our work is simple maintenance. If a serious problem should arise Skyway has experience making the necessary repairs.

Yanmar sail drives are no different. They are built to handle the worst, but every once in a while there is the type of problem that requires Skyway's expertise.

Volvo engines are also well made and we have worked on many diesel sailboat engines and gasoline powerboat engines as well as Volvo sail drives.

We have a lot of experience with gasoline engines too. From big block Volvo gas engines with turbos down to the sewing machine Atomic 4 sailboat engines. We have converted several boats from the old point and condenser system to full electronic ignitions. 


Transmissions are a special kind of fantastic engineering. From sailboat sail drives to powerboat stern drives, the gear box is the most precise part on your boat. With big power boat transmissions we have found that it's always better to replace than rebuild. With sail drives and out drives the rebuilding is easier to accomplish. The cases are made to be taken apart, repaired and reassembled. The procedures are very specific and Skyway has the tools and experience necessary to make the right repairs to get you in the water and ready to go.


The key elements of your water system are the water tank, the water pressure pump, the hoses, and the head system. Many plumbing issues start in the winter when alcohol based antifreeze is used. The problem is that alcohol breaks down the plastic and rubber parts in your water system. The same destruction happens if you use pink antifreeze in your engine. Never use pink antifreeze in your engine and NEVER pour antifreeze in your water tank. Skyway uses only alchohol free antifreeze and pressurized air to winterize your boat's water system.

A lot of boats have water systems that are almost unusable due to hoses breaking down over time. They are susceptible to contamination from bilge water, mold, mildew, fuel, and oil and should be replaced. Skyway can tell you if it is time to replace those parts. 


You leave the space walks to the astronauts, so leave the wiring work to the electricians. While the most inconvenient risk of poor wiring is a dead battery, the biggest risk is fire, or worse, an explosion. Every circuit requires circuit protection with appropriately sized fuses and wires. The electrical distribution panel should be the source of all power in your cabin, with the possible exception of the automatic bilge pump switch. Your wire, as with everything on a boat, should be marine grade, which means that it's tinned copper and the connectors are properly insulated. Skyway's electricians use only high quality marine grade parts and can install all types of electrical fixtures and electronics.

Power management is easy and the best place to start conserving is with your light bulbs. LED lights have become very common in all types of boats as the amperage draw with LED’s is 1/10th the draw of conventional incandescent bulbs. We would be happy to install new fixtures or simply change your light bulbs.


Summertime requires working fridges, ice makers, and air conditioners. The short season requires the right solutions right now. Our certified A/C and refrigeration staff is on call and ready to go. We can recharge your existing system or braise a new one in if that is what is required. Call today for quick solutions to your cooling needs.


Skyway is a certified Kohler dealer and has extensive experience with generator systems as well as wind and solar. Electrical work is an exact science. There are no shortcuts allowed and as an ABYC yard, we know how to wire your boat correctly from properly sizing the wire to circuit protection and from AC to DC.

Charging your batteries sounds easy, but it can involved more than just plugging in your shorepower cord. With solar and wind, switching is an important aspect and, if you have a generator powered by fuel, keeping it running is important. Your generator must be run under load weekly at the very least. 

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