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Electronics can be very complex or very simple. With todays modular systems, NMEA 2000 protocol, and plug and play functionality, you can have the most complex system with many attachments or a simpler version with autopilot and GPS. Either way, the trick is in the installation. Raymarine, Garmin, and B&G all have evolved to make installation and expansion a snap. 

We have experience installing and troubleshooting most of the systems you find on boats today. The best part is the more adaptable systems will accommodate iPad navigation systems so functionality explodes. We are familiar with these interfaces and have experience putting them together in a cost effective way that makes sense for your boat.

Skyway is both NMEA Certified and a B&G Authorized Installing Dealer.

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B&G H5000

B&G Pedestal Instrument ClusterIf you are thinking of upgrading your electronics and are interested in the best and most flexible navigation and racing system around, the B&G Hercules 5000 should be at the top of your list. The B&G H5000 CPU is critical when installing a new system, as it is the center of all data being transmitted and necessary when adding additional devices. The biggest benefit of an H5000 CPU is the ability to upgrade from the base model to more capable models simply by installing new software.

Building a B&G platform around a new CPU allows for the integration of the other legacy brands that are stock in most boats (Raymarine, Garmin, etc.), thereby avoiding a complete overhaul of your system. Yes, your old wind speed and depth instruments can stay and be hooked into a state of the art B&G platform!

B&G 3D Motion SensorThe B&G H5000 Autopilots have multiple functions that allow for a steady course to be maintained. The B&G 3D Motion sensor recognizes and corrects for out of pattern waves, sudden wake or any factor that alters the pitch, yaw, and roll rate, and heel and trim angle of the vessel. High wind response will naturally bear the vessel away to maintain a safer and flatter course.

bandg zeus3 multifunction displayAdd in the B&G Zeus MFD and you can control your whole system with the Wi-Fi hub. It gives you the ability to store all data and perform all necessary updates via zip drive, as well as the ability to commission and control the autopilot. Fully integrated GPS and Wi-Fi provide the ability to mirror all data to external screens, such as the Apple iPhone and iPad. Sail-specific functions such as start line (with burn time) calculating laylines, polar tables, and sailing time (on each tack) can put you on the right side of a shift at top speed with no doubt.

B&G Navigation on iPhone via WiFiMore Information

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