For the offshore racing on the weekend of August 10, 11, 12, there will be 3 circles comprised of 18 sections of racers. Each section’s winners will receive prizes and brag flags and one offshore boat will be awarded the perpetual Verve Cup trophy, which dates back to 1893.


The distance race will feature 4 handicapped sections and the winner will receive the coveted 8 Mile BuoyTrophy


Verve inshore racing will take place on the weekend of August 25 and 26 and will be based at Chicago Yacht Club’s Belmont station. Each class will only need 5 boats to get a section. Etchells, Vipers, Star, Shields, Colgate 26, Luders 16, Rhodes 19, Solings, J/70s and J/24s are past players.


In the interest of safety, we would like boats to be 22 feet in length or longer.


Skyway Yacht Works will be sponsoring the rum pour on Saturday at the Verve Swerve party!


Verve Offshore Registration

Verve Inshore Registration


Pettit Paint, Yanmar Engines, Kohler, B&G Electronics, ABYC