Skyway Yacht Works Yard Rules

  1. All boat owners and their crews are required to sign in and out at SYW office.
  2. All outside contractors, hired labor and vendors are required to sign in and out at SYW office.
  3. No person, other than owner, will be allowed on a boat unless the owner has provided to SYW written notification of such person(s). 
  4. Outside vendors are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance to SYW.
  5. No power washing.
  6. No spray painting.
  7. No sand blasting.
  8. No shrink wrapping.
  9. No open flames.
  10. No electrical heaters.
  11. Jack stands are not to be moved or adjusted by boat owner.
  12. Use only your ladder(s) and scaffolding. SYW does NOT loan or rent ladders or scaffolding. Ladders to be no longer than the boat length.
  13. Secure your ladder to your boat cradle, to our fence or ask the office where you can store your ladder.
  14. Secure your scaffolding to our fence or ask the office where you can store your scaffolding. DO NOT LOCK YOUR SCAFFOLDING TO YOUR CRADLE. 
  15. Ladders and scaffolding must be clearly marked with boat name.
  16. Do NOT dispose of your used oil, used oil filter(s) and/or fuel filter(s) in the trash; please give them to SYW personnel for proper disposal; SYW will take them.
  17. All electrical extension cords should be exterior, all weather type and 14 gauge minimum.
  18. Unplug all extension cords and stow them at the end of every day.
  19. If your dinghy is stored on your boat, it must be within the handrails and tied down. All oversized dinghies will be stored in a specific location for a fee.
  20. All dinghies must be marked with the boat name.
  21. Sanitary waste tank and fresh water tank must be emptied prior to arrival to avoid a pump out charge.
  22. Boat owner will provide keys and/or combination to all locks on the boat including the ignition key(s) as well as the locks on the cradle.
  23. All sails will be removed from the rigging prior to haul out.
  24. Boat owners shall provide 4 mooring lines (2 dock lines, 2 spring lines) of sufficient strength and length for their boat and will be placed on the port side of the boat for launching.
  25. Boat owners shall secure their boat with 4 mooring lines (2 dock lines, 2 spring lines) of sufficient strength and length for their boat when they arrive for haul out.
  26. Boat owner will have a minimum of 3 fenders installed on the port side of their boat for haul out and launch.
  27. Boat owners shall remove all valuables from their boat. SYW is NOT responsible for lost and/or stolen items.
  28. Boat owners are responsible for keeping the immediate area around their boat clean.
  29. Only non-toxic antifreeze may be used in the yard. SYW sells this antifreeze.
  30. No toxic chemicals are allowed in the yard.
  31. If a boat is sold while in storage at SYW, the seller will provide to SYW the name, street address, email address, and telephone number(s) of the buyer. The owner of the boat at launch date is liable for all balances owed to SYW and all unpaid invoices must be paid in full prior to launch. New owner will pay a change of ownership launch fee. 
  32. It is the owner’s responsibility to ascertain the seaworthiness of his boat prior to launch. Owner or owner’s crew will check, among other things, all through-hulls, sea cocks, valves, stuffing boxes, seals, hoses, piping, etc, including engine coolant and lubrication levels.

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Winter 2022 / 2023

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