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2017-2018 Winter Storage Contract

Storage includes power washing at decommissioning, a lift out and re-launch. A deposit is required to reserve storage. All deposits must be paid by July 15 of each year. SYW will specify the deposit amount via invoice. The remaining storage fees for the season are due and payable prior to boat’s arrival at SYW. Deposits are NOT refundable on cancelations received after September 1 of each storage year. All other decommissioning costs are due upon receipt of invoices. Interest in the amount of 18% per annum, 1½ % per month will be added to any overdue and unpaid balance. Bounced checks and declined credit card payments will be subject to prevailing fees in force upon each occurrence. Actual length and width measurements of all boats will be taken by SYW. These measurements will be used to calculate all storage and service fees. Notice of launch / decommissioning date must be given at least 15 days prior to desired date. Spring departures will be scheduled by SYW at regular periodic intervals.

In the event that storage equipment such as jack stands, cradles, blocks etc are provided by owner, owner hereby releases SYW of any liability in the event of failure of said equipment. SYW shall not assume nor be responsible for winterization of any of the boat’s vulnerable systems unless specifically authorized, in writing, by boat owner. SYW shall not be liable directly, indirectly, in contract, tort or otherwise to the boat owner, family, crew, guests, agents, employees or independent contractors of the boat owner for personal injury or damage to boat, unless such damage is due to negligence of SYW. At no time shall the aggregate liability of SYW under this agreement exceed the lesser of $300,000 or the value of the boat. SYW shall not be responsible for lightning strikes, fire, windstorm, airborne particulate, acts of God, theft or negligence of 3rd parties whether boat is anchored, parked or hauled by SYW. Boat owner hereby releases SYW from any and all liability due to the aforementioned occurrences.

Waste and fresh water holding tanks shall be emptied prior to arrival at SYW to avoid pump out charge.

Boat owner shall have proof of fire, marine casualty, public liability and property damage insurance in the amount of $300,000 or more.

Boat owners shall provide keys and or combinations to all locks on boat as well as ignition keys.

All sails shall be removed from rigging prior to lift and storage. All yard utilities will be turned off at day’s end to prevent fire.

Boat owner shall provide 4 mooring lines (2 springs and 2 dock lines) of sufficient length and strength for launch and decommissioning. Owner shall provide sufficient fenders to protect boat from dock and other boats. If not provided by owner, SYW will supply them and charge accordingly.

Boat owners shall remove all valuable gear from boat. SYW shall not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Owners are responsible for cleaning the immediate area around boat, including litter disposal. Used motor oil shall be placed in marked receptacles. Owner will pay if SYW has to clean the mess around his/her boat. No toxic chemicals are allowed in the yard. Only non toxic antifreeze will be used.

All extension cords shall be exterior, all weather type and 14 a.w.g. minimum and are subject to approval by SYW. Remove or stow all cords when leaving the yard. No electrical heaters or open flames of any type shall be allowed in yard or near launch area.

Dinghies, if stored onboard boat must be inside the hand rails/lifelines; oversized dinghies will be stored in a safe location at prevailing storage rates. All dinghies must be clearly marked with boat name.

No one, other than the owner, will be allowed on a stored boat without written consent of boat owner and presentation of valid identification. No outside independent contractors or labor will be given access to boats or the yard without approval by SYW, which shall be subject to a fee.

If a boat is sold while in storage at SYW, seller must provide name, address, phone numbers of buyer. The owner of boat at launch date is liable for all past due balances. Non-payment will result in non launch.

Jack stands shall never be moved or adjusted by boat owner. Boat owner shall provide their own safe, strong ladders. None will be lent by yard. Ladders must be clearly marked with boat name, and should be locked and secure. Ladders will be no longer than boat.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ascertain the seaworthiness of boat prior to launch. All through hulls, sea cocks, valves, stuffing boxes, seals, hoses, piping, etc, including coolant and lubrication levels, shall be inspected by owner.

All work to be performed by Skyway Yacht Works, must be ordered by customer.  No exceptions.

Boat owner realizes there is airborne particulate and that boat may be dirty in spring.

No spray painting, sandblasting or high pressure washing will be allowed anywhere in the yard.

Boat owners will not be allowed to shrink wrap their own boats anywhere in the yard.

Any violation of yard rules deemed serious by SYW will result in immediate and unilateral termination of storage contract and SYW may require the boat owner to remove his or her boat without refund. Boat owner, family, heirs, friends, independent contractors, agents etc. release and agree to hold harmless SYW from any and all liability for personal injury loss of life limb or property damage to boat owner, his family, employees, heirs invitees and agents arising out of any use of, or work in SYW yard. Boat owner is expected to follow all pertinent laws of the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, The Federal Government and EPA guidelines while boat is in SYW yard.


Revised September 2017