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9864 S. Avenue N, Chicago, Il 60617
  • Situated in Chicago just a mile and a half off of Lake Michigan on the Calumet River, Skyway Yacht Works offers a convenient solution to your boat storage needs - either commercial or recreational.

    Located in Chicago just off of 100th St., Skyway Yacht Works haul-out facility and gleaming indoor storage and outdoor boat yard are...

    Pleasure boating
  • At Skyway Yacht Works we believe pleasure boating should be easy. The best way to make that happen is for you to know your boat and maintain it through regular, incremental and painless maintenance.

    Every boat has problems and not all require professional solutions, and not all are urgent. We will tune you in to the urgent needs and the not so urgent needs....

    Pleasure boating
41.71592 North      -87.53891 West
We are 1 mile off the lake at 100th St. in Chicago. No locks to wait for or navigate. Sailboats no longer need to unstep their masts to get their boats into storage for the winter. Only three bridges need to be raised and they are manned 24/7. Make your reservation online!